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Love Last Forever – B-free & Reddy feat. Coke Jazz (with English lyrics)


This new single from Hilite Records was released last week on the 11th but now the track is on Youtube with English subtitles. I’ve heard a little of Coke Jazz’s work on one of Reddy’s releases before but I love love love the production on this one. Check Coke Jazz out in the studio here. Hoody Kim is the solo musician featured on vocals (follow her on Insta here). I’m not sure what her affiliation with Hilite is exactly but I think she may be dating Coke Jazz.

There is a time and place for everything – for both ratchetry and lyrical depth. I really appreciate the mellow groove and philosophical feel of this track. The video above is subbed but here are the lyrics below. Enjoy! Make sure to purchase the track on iTunes –


lust doesn’t last forever
money doesn’t last forever
sex that lacks love, sleeping with empty feelings
drugs get you high only for a moment
when’s the last time I was passionate
I fear to be accustomed and to be dull
I show with my action rather than words
only thing left is a relationship with an empty shell
everything in life changes
of course, love does too before it’s completely cold
but love never disappears

you see, Jesus was sent down here
love is my eternal energy
I am loved even when I feel alone
I also have to respond to the echo of the love
I do it with my success and good music

love forever
when i sit by the desk illuminated by cold light
when you touch me
I feel like cruisin’ by sunset
I feel the warm stare towards me


Late night at the studio by myself
working hard I ain’t even noticed time passed
dreams of my wallet getting bigger
makes me feel better only for a moment
green paper is the only concern these days
i gotta get this paper so I’m hustling til the morning
I ran to the money like Sonic
but they say fortune comes to those who wait

get in my car after work, turn on my speakers
I’m always searchign for something that’s deeper
somethin that’ll make me feel better than brand new sneakers
I always forget many things I already have

and her face when I come home
it’s like the biggest gift that I was given by God
and I heard once that love last forever man
but I’m still chasing this cheddar man, damn

love forever
when I sit by the desk illuminated by cold light
when you touch me, I feel like cruisin’ by sunset
I feel the warm stare towards me

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