Artist Highlight


Members: Lee Hwa Young (guitar), Song Ji Hoon (vocal), Jung Jae Hoon (drums)

Rock band Mintgray has released a couple albums and EPs since 2012 and ‘After Effect’ is their latest release. In an interview, Song Ji-Hoon said that the band has been influenced by Nell a lot. I love Nell and some of Mintgray’s music definitely seems to have a similar mood and ‘tear-inducing’ tone.

I discovered Mintgray a week or two ago as I was scrolling through my Youtube subscriptions and watched the music video for ‘너를 안아’, the first track from After Effect. The title can be translated “Do I Know You?’ and the song was inspired by Korean author Kim Yong Ha and his novel ‘A Murderer’s Way to Memorize’. The music video communicates the story told through the lyrics of someone who has lost their memory of a loved one and is trying to remember them.


I like the other two songs on the album but this one is my favorite.

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