Best Instagram Posts from the Defend Dokdo Hip Hop Festival

This weekend in Korea the 2015 Defend Dokdo Hip Hop Festival took place in Daegu at Gyeongsam Yeungnam University. The line-up was jam-packed (Jisim, Mailo, Owen Ovadoz, Debi King David, Olltii, JJK, Lupi, Seo Chulgu, Deepflow, Nuksal, Odee, Wutan, Don Mills, Andup, Fana, J-Tong, Ingito, Kirin, Psycoban, Jerry K, Sleeq, Rico, Don Malik, Paloalto, B-Free, Huckleberry P, Okasian, Reddy, Hanhae, Sanchez, Kiggen, C Jamm, Giriboy, Genius Nochang, Loco, Gray, Elo, Ugly Duck, Jay Park). I was searching the festival hashtag on Instagram and I thought I’d post the best footage captured by fans here.

(Shout out to Hiley In Seoul for the festival info!)



#영대#독도수호 #독도수호힙합페스티벌 #ADV#올티#olltii 😘😘😘😘😘

A post shared by ᴮᵁᴺᴳᴵ (@bungi_514) on







으이오애아으시가 더 찰진데ㅜ #로꼬 #박재범 #onitboss #aomg #독도수호 @satgotloco @jparkitrighthere

A post shared by 선영 sᴜɴʏᴏᴜɴɢ 🇰🇷 (@sxnyxxng) on



#고향 가죽의환향쓰 _ By @sxnyxxng "#앤덥 #독도수호 #거북선 @andupindahouse"

A post shared by Andup 한별 앤덥 (@andup_hanbyul) on



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A post shared by @wltjdrms on

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