Bumkey (범키) ‘U-Turn’ Album Review



Currently signed with Brand New Music, Bumkey has been active as an artist since 2005. Bumkey took part in the production of all 9 tracks on this album and his talent as a musician is clear. Here’s a brief review of the 9 tracks on the album.


Track 1 – 고백 (reborn)
An acoustic track with an Eddy Kim feel to it, I was a little disappointed with the simplicity of the lyrics on the chorus. Despite this, Bumkey’s strong vocals are showcased well.


Track 2 – Better Man
With the lyrics, I would have liked this track to be a bit more upbeat but as is, the instrumental version is almost better. I wanted Tablo’s verse to be longer. That being said, this is one of the best tracks on the album.


Track 3 – Natural Woman
‘Natural Woman’ has a great 90s R&B feel and it’s probably my favorite track on the album. The instrumental for this track is also included at the end of the album.


Track 4 – 서플라이즈 (Surprise) [Title Track]
‘Surprise’ is the title track and you can never go wrong with a Beenzino feature.  You can find the lyrics here.


Track 5 – 위로 (Don’t Be Afraid)
When I first heard the chorus, this song sounded really familiar (almost like a cover of another song that I can’t quite put my finger on).


Track 6 – backindadayz
I love that Bumkey brought the brothers (Microdot and Sanchez) together on a track! The production for this song is really creative with a unique mix of what one source calls ‘scratch-happy classic rap with 1920s jazz’. Check out the music video in my previous post.


Track 7 – Never Too Late
A little gift for us non-Korean speaking fans, this track is completely in English.


Track 8 – 느껴 (My Everything)
I love this song. Bumkey released the music video for this track last year. His wife is a music producer and helped to produce, compose and arrange this track.


Track 9 – Amazing Grace
Okay Bumkey, I see you. I was not expecting such a soulful rendition of this classic hymn on this album.


Make sure to check out the instrumental tracks at the end of the album! Thanks for reading!

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