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Artist Highlight – pH-1

Update: ph-1 has joined H1GHR Music since this was published! Check out my interview with pH-1 here.

Here’s a quick profile of New York rapper pH-1 (born Harry Park) courtesy of @khhunderground:

I first discovered pH-1 through his collaborations with Owen Ovadoz on Soundcloud. Check out the track below:

pH-1 really has a way with words and has been acknowledged for his lyricism.

pH-1 released his mixtape ’15 in January of this year and I think it’s a great introduction to his style. I love the production on most of the tracks and I really enjoy pH-1’s approach to the music:

‘Bodies’, ‘BNGL’ and ‘Booth’ are great tracks just to name a few of my favorites from this mixtape.

pH-1 dropped  the banger ‘Sugoi’ featuring rapper Rekstizzy (from Queens) last year. Dumbfoundead and Danny Chung cameo in the video:

One thing I enjoy about pH-1 is that he keeps his verses relatively clean (which I believe is influenced by his faith).  Nothing against the rappers who use a little profanity here and there but I respect him for being able to deliver bars without all of that.

pH-1’s latest single ‘Perfect’ was released just yesterday!

pH-1 – 'Perfect' is now available. LINK IN BIO (Watch MV on Youtube) 제 싱글 'Perfect'가 모든 음원 사이트에 발매되었습니다. 뮤직비디오는 유투브에서 확인 가능합니다. — Artist: pH-1 (@ph1___) Director: DOMCAKE X HOJIN (@dom_cake, @vscojin) Assistant Director: Woosang Nam (@w_s_nam) Executive Producer: Kevin Kim of Dominant Music (@simpleismymiddlename, @dominantmusic_official) Cameos: Jay Park & Owen Ovadoz (@jparkitrighthere, @owen5vadoz) Graphics: DOMCAKE Edit: HOJIN Film: HOJIN, Byounguk Byun (@onethecreep), Woosang Nam Drone: Jongduk Park (@jdirector_park) Thank God for providing the best people to help me out, even when I was feeling helpless. Your timing is always perfect. Of course, special shoutouts to my awesome family and friends that have been supportive since day 1. Remember to stay blessed. Let's get it.🔥

A post shared by pH-1 (@ph1boyyy) on

The track is getting a lot of attention because of his talent but also thanks to Jay Park’s promotion among those who weren’t already familiar with the artist. Check out the music video (featuring Jay Park and Owen Ovadoz) below!

Follow pH-1 on Instagram and Youtube and support him by purchasing ‘Perfect’ on iTunes here. I hope to get in touch with pH-1 for an interview soon so stay tuned!



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