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Code Kunst Reveals Teaser and Tracklist for upcoming album ‘Muggles’ Mansion’

A while ago HIGHGRND started uploading videos of Code Kunst working with popular hip hop artists for his Muggles’ Mansion project. The album is finally complete and will be released next week on the 28th. You can watch Code Kunst’s’ 9¾ Documentary’ in the playlist below which also starts with a teaser for the album!

Muggles' Mansion 많이 기대해 주세요!! Tell all your friends 🌊🌊

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This album is STACKED. I believe ‘Parachute‘ and ‘Beside Me‘ are the only tracks that have been previously released. I am particularly excited for the title track. G.Soul and Tablo are so different but then again, Tablo can work with pretty much anyone. ‘Cruz’ should be LIT. I have heard of all the artists but I’m least familiar with Hwaji (on ‘Lounge’).

Justhis and Car, the garden were solidified as ‘artists to watch’ for me recently. I featured one of Car, the garden’s new songs not long ago on the blog. Check him out performing one of his most popular songs ‘Bushwick’ live with OnStage  and Justhis performing ‘No Love’ with Paloalto below!

UPDATE – The second teaser showing the lineup of artists featured on the album has been released:

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