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The Sous Chefs Drop Second Single ‘N.W.A. (New Wave Attitude)’ featuring Kim Hyo Eun, Nafla and Jay Park

If you enjoyed their last single ‘Cookin’, then you’ll love this new track from pH-1 and Owen Ovadoz. The title of the track, ‘N.W.A.’ (including the font), is of course a direct reference to the Compton group NWA (see the music video below). Some people in the comments are dismissing the song and video as appropriation, an issue I’ve addressed often. As we all know, Korean hip hop often straddles that line between appropriation and appreciation.

In this case, I enjoy the style of the video and think it was done well. I’m not bothered by the blatant reference. Knowing these guys as artists, I feel they would immediately give credit where credit is due and explain the inspiration for this. Now, if the title had been ‘Ninjas With Attitude’ that would’ve been a totally different thing. What are your thoughts?

I have said more than enough about Kim Hyo-Eun as a rising talent. I really enjoyed Jay Park and Nafla and what they brought to this track as well. Check out the music video below!

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