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Meet Producer BOYCOLD [Artist Interview] (KOR Version)

Many thanks to Boycold for doing this interview! You can read the English translated interview here. Make sure to check out my review of the EP he produced for Sik-K here.  – 자기소개를 부탁드려요. 안녕하세요 YELOWS MOB소속 프로듀서 BOYCOLD 입니다. – 본인의 음악 스타일을 설명해주실수 있을까요? 어떤 음악이나 […]

Artist Highlight: MKIT RAIN

MKIT RAIN, based in LA, is made up of artists Loopy, Owen Ovadoz, Bloo, Nafla, and Young West. The first four are featured on the track ‘Weathermen’ released last year: MKIT RAIN was formed early last year. If you check the comments on their Youtube videos, most are […]

Artist Interview | pH-1

Note: This interview was originally published in December of last year but somehow got deleted! I noticed lots of traffic to my Artist Highlight of pH-1 so I wanted to get this back up! Enjoy! Many thanks to pH-1 for agreeing to do a quick interview! If you’re […]